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Innovative Solutions to Unusual Problems

About Lionwood Construction

Lionwood Construction was created in 1995.  Originally operating as a general contractor in the residential and commercial fields, the company has expanded over the years into other areas.  Lionwood excels at Project Management and finding innovative solutions to unusual problems, reliably delivering a high percentage of ‘on-time and under-budget’ projects across many different fields and environments. 

Lionwood Construction has been involved in a number of unusual projects, including renovating academic facilities, reviewing Export Control Classification Numbers (ECCN’s) and constructing highly specific and unique-use structures and facilities.  After working on these projects and others in the industrial and environmental sectors, and in food processing and manufacturing facilities, in 2016 Lionwood began looking at food and energy security issues throughout Canada and globally.  We continue to undertake facility assessments and field reporting on those facilities. 

Our company is currently researching the conversion of kinetic energy from ship’s movement (roll, pitch, yaw) into usable electrical energy.  This technology will provide the basis for further expansion into other related fields, such as stabilization assistance for sea-going craft, and other forms of energy production such as wave-generated electric power.

Lionwood Construction is developing a new concept in kinetic wave energy conversion systems – a novel alternator system known as the Eggertson Device.  Installing this alternator on a specifically designed platform may be a game-changer in the Wave Energy Conversion world.

The Eggertson Device does not rely on transforming the wave motion and energy into rotational motion to spin or drive an alternator or generator.  Rather it uses the motion created by a swinging pendulum, this motion being caused by interaction with the wave motions.

Lionwood Construction will continue to investigate opportunities in alternative energy production, including wind, solar, and hydrogen.  We are committed to developing alternatives to fossil fuels, and to reducing or reversing the detrimental effects of climate change.

Recent Projects

Lionwood’s flagship WEC, the Eggertson Device, is currently at Technology Readiness Level 4 (TRL 4) and is ready to move to TRL 5 and beyond to full-scale production.  With only three moving parts, this is a revolutionary technology that will disrupt the emerging green energy markets.

We are also working on a design to have the Eggertson Device produce hydrogen from sea water.

We have worked on the development of a natural organic spray to mitigate the problem of smudging makeup while wearing medical-style facemasks. 

We are also working on producing a non-physical barrier to prevent the spread of air-borne viral or bacteriological particles or infectious agents between personnel on public transit.

Lionwood has also designed a Tidal generator, suitable for scalable installations in various geographic locations, including smaller systems in rivers and streams.

Lionwood is working on various military designs and proposals including ablative armour solutions, as well as having worked on military-to-civilian transitions software.

Other projects in the pipeline include removal of microplastics from contained water supplies and hydrokinetic energy converters for ship-borne installations.

Completed projects across


Our People


Leah Fjeldstad, PMP

With a combination of public and private employment on various types of projects, Leah is currently working on harvesting Kinetic Energy on ship-borne installations.  He previously worked on developing food security for remote Northern Communities, and worked on developing energy solutions and reduction of fossil fuel consumption in remote townships.

Leah has worked as an electrician, estimator, electrical designer, electrical technician, project manager, senior Project Manager and acted as Engineering Officer for a west coast naval base.

He has been responsible for aspects of large construction projects from inception to close out, with project values exceeding $177M (CDN)

Leah also worked on projects such as energy distribution systems including electrical and gas piping, oil storage and distribution facilities, lighthouse repair and construction, residential, commercial, and industrial facilities, hotels and restaurants, undersea vehicle and rocket test facilities, airport and seaport construction and security, public security, commercial, industrial, and residential developments, commercial and industrial property construction and assessment, and alternate energy production, storage and distribution systems.

BC Electrical Contractor Unrestricted Class “A” License 1977.  Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) through the Project Management Institute (PMI) 2004.


Dr. D.O.K. (Kim) Fjeldsted PhD

Kim has a broad skill set gained from engineering and marketing positions in advanced technology industries, with responsibilities for program management, product development, process and equipment development, technical marketing, as well as sales to global customers.  He managed semiconductor-related companies responsible for domestic and overseas plant construction, market analyses, customer development, product roadmaps and general industry liaison. 

Kim has held positions as adjunct instructor of Chemistry at several colleges and universities in the US and Canada, giving back to the community and nurturing new generations of a local technical workforce.  He has authored multiple academic and technical papers covering topics such as synthetic organometallic chemistry, materials processing, and industrial cost benefits analyses.

Dr. Kim Fjeldsted brings to the company an extensive leadership skill to assist a team working in the manufacturing and technology industries.

PhD. Chemistry University of Victoria.  Currently Principal Consultant Arrowsmith Consulting LLC (Portland Oregon), and Adjunct Professor (Chemistry) Portland Community College.


Adrian Fletcher

With over 20 years experience in web development, graphic design and database content management, Adrian brings his technical problem-solving and web system design skills to the company to organize all channels of communication, editing and report writing across all online media platforms.

Adrian also has extensive experience in real estate property management, general contracting, and all areas of building renovation.

Rental Property Management Certificate, Sauder Business School, UBC.  Graduate Certificate in Object Technology Programming, SFU.  Applied Information Technology Diploma in Multimedia Technologies, Capilano College. 

“Usually Doing The Unusual.”

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